Ecommerce is growing at a faster rate every year, as more people shop for products and services online. So it’s no surprise that more businesses are giving importance to creating the perfect online store.

There’s no reason that a small eCommerce business can’t grow into a large enterprise. Soar360, our custom web development agency Melbourne, is here to support you to do just that!

Of course, we provide bespoke website development and design services, but eCommerce adds another layer of complexity to a website build. Our expert team can design and develop easy-to-use, conversion-focused eCommerce website solutions.

Whether you need a simple online shop with a few products or a complex platform with more features and integrations, we’ll find out what you need – now and in the future – and develop the perfect space for your online business to flourish.

Ease of use for customers

We develop a purchasing process that works every time and is intuitive and easy for customers to use, to maximise your conversions.

A choice of ecommerce platforms

We use all the best eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace and more. We’ll examine the pros and cons of each, and find the most suitable one for you.

Easy to edit and update

At Soar360, we thrive on solving problems and creating efficient processes. So we only develop e-commerce sites that work and are simple to use – even if you don’t have any IT knowledge. Your site will be easy for you to edit and update as needed.

Optimised for search engines

We use all the current SEO knowledge at our disposal to make sure potential customers can find your website in a Google search. Read more about our SEO services.

Analytics and performance

We will give you access to real-time analytics so you can see how your site is performing and where customers might need more assistance completing transactions.

Ongoing assistance

We don’t just develop the website and leave you. We can assist with any issues that come up down the track. We can diagnose the issue and make the necessary changes to keep your business running smoothly.

Want to know more?

We’ll be with you from initial concept to development, deployment, and ongoing support. We want to work with you to make your online store a huge success! Contact us to find out more.

Our process

We design a unique solution from the ground up, working with you to address your business objectives. We have an effective 5 step process designed for success.

01. Let's Meet
A friendly meet and greet to get to know each other should be the beginning of any relationship.
02. Deep Dive & Analysis
We want to know everything possible about your business’ current situation and future objectives. By discovering what you strive for, we can target long term results for your business.
03. Design Solution
Now that we have a comprehensive understanding of your business, we can design a tailored solution from our 4 Key Pillars of Success - Business, Technology, Marketing and Investment.
04. Build Solution
Once our strategy is approved, we can begin to implement the end-to-end solutions. Our expert team will ensure an efficient and results-driven process.
05. Scale & Grow
We always strive towards continuous improvement and support. We will monitor results, report back to you and make necessary improvements to further drive success along the way.

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