Providing 360° expertise to help your business Soar

Soar360 is born out of passion and obsession to help businesses scale and grow.
Our experienced team delivers custom business solutions with one goal in mind: Your Success.

The Soar Philosophy

It’s plain and simple, we solve problems!
We are passionate about solving business problems and making processes efficient; to scale your business to the next level. That’s what gets us ticking.
It's a simple mentality here, we love your business like it's our own.
People come to us to help them solve business problems, and they love our friendly non-corporate holistic approach.  When you work with us, we become part of your team and when:
You succeed, we succeed.
You grow, we grow.

You're in good hands

Sidney Chuah

Our Managing Director, Sidney has a background of 20 years in Business Analysis, Strategy and IT in Australia and the UK. He brings industry expertise in Global Events, Transport, Retail, Government and Supply Chain.

Ian Nathan

Our Marketing & Operations Manager, Ian brings a creative perspective to building businesses. He has Marketing & Operations expertise from 10 years in Wholesale, Logistics, F&B and Events.

Stacey F

Our Creative Director and Lead Web Developer, Stacey is our creative visionary and web technology expert. With over 10 years experience working with SMEs and agencies, she specialises in branding, design and website design and development.

Abdul Razee

Our IT Development Manager, Abdul provides a decade of experience in managing software application development (Web & Mobile), business process re-engineering, solution design and managed services in numerous industries.

Morgan Woodbry

Our Social Media Manager: Morgan brings a wealth of diverse knowledge and experience in food and nutrition, consumer health, fashion and beauty, charitable causes, retail, entertainment, and sports. She has a proven track record for innovation and creativity while launching campaigns on time and on budget.

Our approach is dynamite

Holistic Approach
We practice a holistic approach to business solutions to understand your current situation before designing a tailored solution using our 4 Key Pillars of Success. Every business is unique, and we believe that great solutions come from substantial analysis, collaboration and creativity.
4 Key Pillars of Success
We utilise our 4 Key Pillars of Success; Strategy, Technology, Marketing and Investment – when designing solutions for each project, no matter the size. Our clear process is designed to give you confidence, by providing 360° expertise from our experienced team.
Access to an Experienced Team
Employing staff can be a financial risk. When you team up with us, you're not just hiring an individual, you gain access to an experienced team. We understand the need for simple yet useful strategies that give you confidence to continuously improve your business.
Continuous Improvement
It’s an ongoing exercise to improve business products, services and processes. In a constantly evolving environment, we strive for continuous developments and improvements to ensure the success and sustainability of your business, helping you to scale and grow.

Thing Global Act Local

We're based in Melbourne, Australia but our work stretches to all corners of the country and parts of the world. We collaborate with unique teams and creative minds from diverse backgrounds, always building upon new relationships and ideas to tap into back home.

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Our Approach

All local business

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