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Investment Solutions.
Tailored For You.

As your Business Solutions Partner, we support you with investment solutions to help launch your business to greater heights.

Our Investment Philosophy is built on years of experience (we improve every time)

At Soar360, we’re passionate about helping people and their bright ideas reach full potential. We have an experienced team with backgrounds in Business Strategy, Technology, and Marketing. Our team provides hands-on mentoring and investment; to assist startups, early-stage, and established businesses become successful and sustainable.

Even if it’s helping you create a pitch deck and putting you in front of the right people for further funding and equity, our collaboration never ends..

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Investment Solutions

We're passionate about helping people and their bright ideas reach full potential. So we do more than offer technology, marketing and strategy services.
As a Melbourne business investment company, we love to invest in startups Australia, early stage and established businesses.

Every business is different, so what every business needs to become successful and sustainable is different. Funding isn't all about finance, it can be services too. We could invest financially or invest our expertise and resources to develop your business.
Funding & Equity
Funding isn't all about finance. We utilise our experience in diverse projects to build solutions that work. We leverage the expertise of our team, helping businesses to fill gaps in their structure with proven and knowledgeable individuals.
  • Invest expertise, training and resources to co-develop products, services and strategies
  • Assist businesses with successful preparation & planning
  • Support innovative and growing businesses that serve a progressive new marketplace
  • Learn more about Funding & Equity
Mentoring & Collaborations
It's about having the right collaborations that make a difference during the most difficult of times. We leverage the strength of our experienced team to address complex challenges that are faced during the life cycle of any business.
  • Assist start-up founders, early-stage & established businesses with proven strategies
  • Provide real-world knowledge & skills to steer businesses to towards sustainability
  • Recommend effective strategies that are capable of delivering services in the most crucial times

Our process

We design a unique solution from the ground up, working with you to address your business objectives. We have an effective 5 step process designed for success.

01. Let's Meet
A friendly meet and greet to get to know each other should be the beginning of any relationship.
02. Deep Dive & Analysis
We want to know everything possible about your business’ current situation and future objectives. By discovering what you strive for, we can target long term results for your business.
03. Design Solution
Now that we have a comprehensive understanding of your business, we can design a tailored solution from our 4 Key Pillars of Success - Business, Technology, Marketing and Investment.
04. Build Solution
Once our strategy is approved, we can begin to implement the end-to-end solutions. Our expert team will ensure an efficient and results-driven process.
05. Scale & Grow
We always strive towards continuous improvement and support. We will monitor results, report back to you and make necessary improvements to further drive success along the way.

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