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7 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Brand
4 April 2022

First off, a personal brand isn’t just a logo, font, colour palette or your useless “vision board." Your personal brand is what you show (and tell) your audience about who you are and how your audience perceives you.

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Keeping up in the marketplace

How to Use Technology to Grow Your Business
2 June 2021

Smartphones, laptops, tablets, music players – you name them! How would our lives be without them? There’s no denying the...

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Why Businesses Should Invest in Advertisements?
10 May 2021

Written by: Kushva Sekaran Advertising can be in any form, a sign board, a website, print ads, radio slots, video...

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Busting Myths as We Go!
19 April 2021

Written by Kushva Sekaran Marketing is always evolving. New ideas and strategies are constantly being developed in this industry. That...

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