5 Stages of a Winning Marketing Funnel In 2021

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The journey from marketing to making sales is not easy at all. But what if I tell you about the pattern that can make this process easy for you? Let’s talk about funnels, they have wider openings, and that keeps narrowing down gradually, right?banks shoes wellington junckers mat lak saucony peregrine 8 gtx trailschuh lederhandschuhe fetisch bergschuhe kategorie b

The pattern of a marketing funnel is the same as well. Marketing funnels have wider openings, too, that we call customer awareness, and it narrows down to customer purchase.

So if you want your marketing techniques to thrive, start thinking about marketing funnels.

Let’s dive into the 5 stages of a winning marketing funnel and see what’s happening here;

#1- Awareness

The outcome of your marketing campaign is a ton of potential customers. These are the people that might not even know if they want to buy something or not. Your responsibility here is to tell them how you can solve their problem.

For example, your target audience was people who wanted to get rid of obesity. You will tell them how your product can eliminate obesity fast.

It would be best to make your customer feel that your product is all they’ve been looking for.

Before running ads and social media marketing campaigns, make a buyer persona. This step is really important to grab the attention of your audience and other people who may be interested in your business.

#2- Interest

Here comes stage 2, where customers are interested in the product. But now they are looking for the best in the market. It’s the time where you need to prove that you are the best.

For example, show the positive reviews by your previous customers on the screen. Doing so creates a sense of credibility, and your target audience will start trusting you and your content.

Share relevant information and give every possible reason to be chosen. Wait, you don’t need to hard-sell as it might scare them off.

#3- Consideration

People take a long time to consider making decisions. This is the stage where you want to send personalized emails stating product information. This information must be specific and don’t forget to mention things that you can do for them and others cannot.

For example, share specific product information and ask if they are still interested in an additional 5% discount on their first purchase.

Doing this would create an urge, and now they have to make a choice.

#4- Decision

At this stage, you need to make an offer that they can’t deny. After all, your business is best of all providing benefits you’re offering.

For example, offer free delivery, discount vouchers, and free returns to make your business look customer-oriented.

But offer all of these benefits with an expiry date. That’s how they’ll end up making a purchase.

#5- Customer Loyalty

The last but most important stage of the marketing funnel is to win customer loyalty. If someone has already made a purchase doesn’t mean that your marketing ends here. You have to keep alive in their inbox, so in their minds.

For example, send emails saying “Thank you for your purchase.” Tell them about your upcoming improved products and ask for feedback to keep in touch.

This is how customers repeat and make purchases forever!

Wrapping Up!

Don’t ignore any stage of the marketing funnel. Establish the best buyer personas, use social media campaigns for awareness, and provide the best purchasing experience to win customer loyalty.

In the best case, they might refer you to other potential customers. So do your marketing right and make sales like crazy!