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Our Latest Post

5 Stages of a Winning Marketing Funnel In 2021
20 September 2021

The journey from marketing to making sales is not easy at all. But what if I tell you about the pattern that can make this process easy for you? Let’s talk about funnels, they have wider openings, and that keeps narrowing down gradually, right? The pattern of a marketing funnel is the same as well....

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Keeping up in the marketplace

How to Use Technology to Grow Your Business
2 June 2021

Smartphones, laptops, tablets, music players – you name them! How would our lives be without them? There’s no denying the impact that technology has on our lives. With the rapid growth of the internet, most businesses have gone the digital way. According to Statista.com, over two billion people purchased goods online with sales hitting 4.28...

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Growing a Successful Business, Invest in the Right Technologies.
23 December 2020

Written By Kushva Sekaran As business owners, we are constantly in search of the latest technology trends. So, what trends should we be looking forward to in 2021? Technologies are changing at a remarkable pace. And we are more dependent on them than ever. This is especially the case, during the pandemic, where technologies have...

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Take Your Business to the Next Level!
16 December 2020

Written by Kushva Sekaran We have spoken about websites, but what about web applications? Everything is online and revolves around the internet. That includes businesses. Recently under these circumstances, businesses are turning towards the online base to gain more opportunities and possibilities. Web applications could be the answer. There are definitely some key benefits to...

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We’re in 2020. Surely There’s Never Been A Better Time to Launch an App?
15 July 2020

As we continue to drag ourselves through a year full of obstacles and challenges, it might seem like all hope for new ideas and innovations is lost. However, on the other side of the same coin lies the countless opportunities for the motivated and hungry mind to seize.

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Working 9-5? Here’s How Remote Teams Are Boosting Production Levels.
8 July 2020

Some employers believe it is too easy for the remote workforce to give in to distractions and not give their job the time and energy that it deserves. The research, however, proves otherwise. Here's how remote teams are killing it in productions levels.

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