Where Web Design is Headed in the Next Five Years

By Kushva Sekaran

Are web design trends what we thought they would be?

Just like businesses, websites and web design evolve. Your website from 5 or 10 years ago has a new set of eyes on it today. An evolution is obviously necessary to cater to shifting audiences. So, today web design might look something like this;-

  • Dark mode
  • Gradient luminous colour schemes
  • Minimalist fonts and typography
  • Grayscale aesthetic
  • User triggered animations
  • Highlighted videos and images

Businesses want websites to function effectively. After all, the goal is to convert an audience rather than just attract them. To me, good design encourages engagement. The current trends are effective for this very purpose (online shopping is a new hobby in my household!).  I am more likely to spend time on a website if there are personal touches, modern elements and a professional edge. It shows just how much business owners care for the brand they are selling.

Pushing the boundaries in web design!

On the contrary, the current designs of websites can be repetitive. Many designers tend to utilise the same trends. It is a tough spot to be in. On one hand, designers are hoping to push boundaries. They want to shift gears into something new. However, they are governed by their clients (we’ve had some astonishing requests!) which is why web designs are constantly evolving.

“We feel” compact mobile is the #1 future trend  

In today’s day and age, efficiency is everything. Everyone owns a smartphone or a tablet. Therefore, compact mobile is the better choice. 

In addition, websites designed for compact mobiles will be suitable for other similar devices such as:

  • cameras 
  • fingerprint scanners
  • VR headsets

Therefore, the internet experience through these devices would eventually be consistently efficient for all users.  

What if we are wrong? – It happens to the best of us!

What happens if we stick with current web design trends?

Well, it is working. Business owners and consumers are engaging. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it right? Due to the COVID-19, many have been working from home. So the exposure is extensive. Therefore, the market for desktop websites could rise again. Forcing all to switch to desktops. 

So, what do you think? 

Will compact mobile websites be the future? We think so.