Websites. We Either Love Them, Or Write About Hating Them.

Written by Ian B Nathan

Let’s just agree, everyone has unique tastes.

It’s been said time and time again, personal preference is subjective. I like dark green and polka dots. Unfortunately, I have not seen a website that has made this combination work. A man can only dream.

What we should agree on though is overly creative websites can be an assault on the senses. There is a fine line between a visual spectacle and demonstration of defiance. Imagine being at your desk, clicking on a website, and being bombarded by an autoplay video with a soundtrack that could wake the neighbours. You’d either get sharp looks from your colleagues or a couple of destroyed eardrums. 

Should we encourage creativity?

First of all, it’s difficult enough to generate a unique website design. Then there’s the small matter of the client’s approval. It’s often said that the client is always right. It’s funny how sometimes they’re often wrong. Nevertheless, there’s always a confident consumer that comes along (like me) and decides an additional opinion is necessary.

A web designer has to contend with all of this. Furthermore, their work is on display for billions of people. Unfortunately, this is where criticism is plentiful. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have plenty of advice to include (as a confident consumer would).

Some things make us fall in love with websites.

  1. Be Mobile Responsive

Having a mobile responsive website is as important as your logo on the home page. Whether on a desktop or a mobile device, a website should be accessible at any time of day. It’s even a “punishable offense“. 

  1. Bye Bye Excessive Pop Ups

Call-to-action (CTA)s are necessary. However, when they interrupt important messaging, it’s points lost. Don’t enrage your audience.

  1. Logic Prevails

If it can be communicated on a one page, great. Make it easy for an audience to access information. Maximising customer retention is key.

We want to try new things.

Whether we love or hate them, websites aren’t going anywhere. It excites me that creativity is  a key step in our website design process. We enjoy the challenges our clients throw at us. Our goal is to work creatively with our clients, to contribute to their success (and ultimately, ours). 

Have an idea you’ve been thinking of? Do you completely disagree with us and need to tell us why. We welcome it.

Tell us your story. We’d love to get in touch. It’s ian@soar360.com.au.