Sustainability! What does that mean for Victoria?

By Kushva Sekaran

Do you want to be part of Victoria’s journey towards a healthier and sustainable life?

There are several basic things that we should already be doing which include:

·  Choosing clean energy

·  Installing insulation

·  Drive less or switch to electric cars

·  Conserve water 

·  And start making the change outside your home (government policies on conserving nature and removing damaging industries).

In fact, the Environment Victoria, an independent charity, is on a mission. Their vision is to have a sustainable new Victoria by the year of 2050. 

So, how can businesses in Victoria play a role in this mission?

Sustainable Businesses. Is it possible?

It might be different but possible. And quite necessary for Victoria’s future. Creating a sustainable Victoria does not depend on one person, but by the efforts of everyone in Victoria. That includes businesses.

Businesses that targets sustainability, like Soar360 set several responsible business goals:  

1. All partners of the business are to be aligned with the same expectations

2. All packaging and product inputs to be responsibly sourced

3. Become 100% carbon neutral by offsetting GHG emissions

4. Minimise impact of waste (packaging should use less resources and be recyclable)

5. Minimise impact on water scarcity (measure water consumption)

These goals are definitely achievable as there are several businesses in Victoria, besides us that have taken the next step:

·  ThankYou

·  Who Gives a Crap

·  KeepCup

·  The Good Brew Company & more…

So, if you are a business owner in Victoria, we at Soar360 recommend joining the mission towards a sustainable Victoria. Act now with us to make the change as a community.

How does Soar360 encourage sustainability?

As business solutions partner, we help other businesses to become more sustainable. We also collaborate with other sustainable businesses to work towards a better life for us and the planet.

Soar360 would strategize and advise our clients to target sustainability in all aspects of their business. We would make sure your business has a low carbon footprint by recommending your products to be made of recyclable materials.

Your product packaging should also be locally sourced. And your business should adopt sustainable business travel policies like sea shipping.

Make the change as a community!

All our strategies target sustainability and ways to reduce environmental pollution. As part of the Victorian community, all businesses and households should switch to solar technologies and green power.

By reducing the climate pollution and protecting nature, we are a step towards a unified goal. So now, it’s all up to you. 

Do you want to have a sustainable business? And work towards a sustainable Victoria?

Join us and make a change!