Soar360 on Electric Cars. What’s Your Business Strategy?

By Kushva Sekaran

Are you ready for 2021? 

Since the uplift of the lockdown in Melbourne, many business owners have been struggling to sustain their operations. Like most, you could also be struggling to start a business in this strained market. 

Not to worry, you have Soar360, your Business Solutions Partner. We help you identify new growth options and streams, while encouraging you to achieve a sustainable future.

Let’s paint a picture.

Take the automotive industry, for instance. Businesses in this field are constantly progressing to renew and rebrand their technological innovations. 

In the near future, I believe that it is highly possible for electric cars to thrive, much more than they currently do. So, new businesses breeds new opportunities, like sustainable service centers for electric cars.

How would Soar360 approach electric cars?

At Soar360, our strategy solutions begin by setting specific objectives. We are constantly encouraging sustainable lifestyles. Therefore, if you are in the business of electric car service, we would advise you to begin with eco-friendly materials. Your business should reflect the attitude of an electric car industry.

Along those lines, we would encourage the use of automation. Implementing the latest advancements in robotics would drastically increase your business efficiency in the market (efficient and electric cars go pretty well together). Robotic automation for servicing electric cars would also enhance the quality of service. It serves to reduce human error while increasing output (read: efficiency).  

Does automation lead to loss of employees?

Soar360 wants you to have the edge over your competitors. However, by implementing our previous strategy to introduce automation, your employees could be at risk. We see things differently. 

The key area of improvement will have to be the upskilling and retraining of your existing employees. Representing a company towards a sustainable future in a competitive industry remains in the hands of people. The robots just serve us.

Soar360 invests our expertise, training, and resources to upscale your employees’ knowledge and skills. We help you educate your employees of the new standards of your business, while ensuring all processes and operations continue to perform effectively.

Soar360 cares about you and your business. So, let’s collaborate and grow together. 

Contact us at info@soar360.com.au or visit us at www.soar360.com.au to learn more about how we would work with you.