Busting Myths as We Go!

Written by Kushva Sekaran

Marketing is always evolving. New ideas and strategies are constantly being developed in this industry. That means new ideas are also being created out of thin air.

Fabricated strategies and information can be misleading. It will not help you or me in helping our businesses to grow. So, here are some myth busters that can be helpful for our businesses in the future.

“Only certain businesses can benefit from content marketing.”

Let’s start by saying, this is not true. Any business can surely benefit with creative and insightful contents.

Content marketing is like storytelling. Audiences and consumers always want to know more about the brands they desire. So, by creating contents like blogs and posts about your business can truly attract good traffic. It will also provide your audience the insights of your business.

“Multi-channel marketing is a waste of money.”

Marketing your business in multiple platforms is actually beneficial for your business. It increases your consumer reach and expands your opportunities.

Different platforms attract different niche of consumers. Audiences are everywhere, so being active in more than one social channel can extend your business reach. Besides that, promoting your business in several different platforms can help your business to keep up with latest trends.

“You need a huge marketing budget to be successful.”

No, you don’t. You can attract consumers with anything you got.

There are always many marketing options for you. You need to only invest on strategies that work perfectly for your business. Spending huge amounts does not really correspond to the best results. Therefore, finding the right marketing tools for your business should primarily depend on your goals and not your budget.

Marketing can take time.

Just remember even the best strategies take time. Busting these myths are based on a trial and error process. But now that you are aware of these myth busters, you have the advantage. You can take the next step and invest on the right tools and strategies to grow your business successfully.

So, are you aware of any other myths? Tell us about them.

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