Top 3 Digital Marketing Investments Businesses Need in 2021.

Written by Ian Nathan

All Eyes Online.

The old adage of spending money to make money is more relevant than ever. Volatility is one of the many words that accurately describe the current digital marketspace. It has evolved considerably, especially over the historic last 12 months that we’ve had.

At the same time, we can agree, that has always been the case. Digital Marketing has never gone out of fashion, and probably never will. That said, putting your eggs in the right digital basket requires a certain amount of clarity and confidence.

Three Steps to Stardom.

We know what we want from Digital Marketing. Increased sales, better customer engagement and more efficient budgeting. The strategies to achieve these results are hardly new. What’s needed is a willingness to be creative when executing them.

1. Curated Content Library

An easy Digital Marketing investment to overlook. A well curated library of content always comes in handy. It encompasses everything from Social Media content, blogs (such as this), videos, case studies, infographics, webinars and many more.

According to a survey within the 2015 B2B Content Marketing Report, one respondent mentioned “You have to be an amoeba and continually absorb everything from every angle.”

That pretty much sums it up. Absorbing everything allows you to produce your best work, making your content library an exceptional nervous centre of your organisation.

2. Outstanding Optimised Website

Your website is the flagship of your business. It’s as simple as that. It’s a space where customers, competitors, partners and networks peer into your world. What they see, feel, hear and touch will create their impression of you.

That’s not to say that organising a major investment is all a website needs. Every website ages at it’s own pace. Creative design elements can quickly become yesterday’s news. Trends can easily lose their charm.

Your website should be continuously updated at least every three years; ensuring it remains optimised for the current digital landscape. It’s a Digital Marketing strategy that often goes unchecked.

3. Social Media Superiority

Although social media marketing lives within a content library, it deserves plenty of attention on its own. Ultimately, it’s the same base (free) platforms available to anyone. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn and numerous other platforms all share a common trait; your audience is on it.

A tailored social media strategy requires countless hours of work, investing in a vision of more than success; of growth. It’s your identity and engagement within the public eye. Connecting with customers, partners and consumers can happen seamlessly with the right social media management.

Your social media presence will determine how efficiently a budget of paid advertising will work for you.

Future Value Starts Now

2021 will go as quickly as it came. This should be an immediate incentive for businesses to get creative with marketing strategy. At Soar360, we’re planning for the future and we want to have a digital upper hand over our competitors.

We look at all investments as equal components of a well oiled machine. To us, Digital Marketing is the beating heart that fuels the brand, the product and the people; driving success from inside the minds that matter.

Tell us your story. We’d love to get in touch. I’m at ian@soar360.com.au.