Which social media channels should you invest on?

Written by: Kushva Sekaran

Brands use various different social media platforms to promote their businesses and generate leads. As a brand marketer, it is essential to understand the different purposes of social channels needed for your social media strategy.banks shoes wellington junckers mat lak saucony peregrine 8 gtx trailschuh lederhandschuhe fetisch bergschuhe kategorie b

There are many social media platforms out there, and it is only growing more. So, to make thing easier, here is a guide of the four main channels that businesses should be on for their brand awareness.


Most businesses target the younger generation through Instagram. Since Instagram has adapted many new features like stories, live streaming and VR technologies, brands utilise these features to grab attentions of their younger consumer base.

Brands express their creativity to not only attract new consumers, but also to pitch sales through Instagram interactions and engagements. Unlike most social platforms, Instagram greatly works with sharing of photos, videos and other forms of media.


Facebook has about 2.6 billion monthly users, which is a great place to share news and ideas. It functions similarly to Instagram, however with a different target audience.

Most businesses use Facebook to network and generate leads. It is more professional compared to Instagram, as it will allow your consumers to view your business profile and connect them to your website. Consumers and Facebook users can also review your business profile on your Facebook page, which attracts more similar consumers.


Another social networking channel is Twitter. Brands tend to deliver specific statistics and data regarding the business and the industry for their followers. Twitter is mainly used to connect with other entrepreneurs and businesses of similar industries.

It is perfect for short updates on your business and provides your brand a strong voice. This helps your consumers to better understand you and your business. It also helps them to follow through your business journey and be as invested as you are.

Linked In

Brands that provide professional services are always on Linked In, looking for new leads. Linked In is a great way to promote career options for job positions within your business.

You can also connect with other businesses in the same industry to learn more about their brands and potentially form a working relationship.

The Bottom Line

All these social channels are excellent ways to communicate and interact with your consumers and followers. Essentially that will be your strategy to spread brand awareness and improve your traffic.

Sometimes it is easy to get overboard and spread yourself too thin by managing multiple accounts, however it is also important to not miss great opportunities to grow your business successfully.

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