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7 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Brand
4 April 2022

First off, a personal brand isn’t just a logo, font, colour palette or your useless “vision board." Your personal brand is what you show (and tell) your audience about who you are and how your audience perceives you.

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Keeping up in the marketplace

On Point Pools
19 October 2021

Our business was non-existent as we are a new company, it has been great to get some guidance to help build our brand, get our name out there and showcase our week. We were pleased with the follow-ups and phone calls. Soar make the process very easy and made us feel comfortable talking through this...

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19 October 2021

W previously didn’t have a website, so we engaged Soar360 to bring our business into the digital world and develop a website to showcase our services. We needed to get our brand visible and searchable on the internet. Soar360 have been friendly, knowledgeable, patient and very helpful from start to finish. We easily had access...

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Iconic Detailing Melbourne
19 October 2021

I couldn’t use my website specifically for Melbourne as my business partner was using the website for Perth so you couldn’t find my website non-working. Because you guys took your time to explain to me what you need also what was the best options for the way my website should function and work you guys...

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Sydney Clay Target
19 October 2021

We need to update our website to cater for a few requirements, specifically to automate the corporate bookings and visitor bookings which had grown to consume 1 to 2 days per week of volunteer time to answer emails, and to coordinate bookings. It was important to have one local contact who was easily and readily...

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Magnet Galleries Docklands
19 October 2021

We already had a website however it required an update to the look and feel and to create functionality to streamline online purchases.Soar360 have been friendly, knowledgeable, patient and very helpful from start to finish. We were going through a very busy period which slowed the process down however the team at Soar360 were very...

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