How To Transform Online Marketing Into Offline Sales Once Lockdown Lifts

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the business landscape forever. In this period of uncertainty, it’s time to look towards Christmas for business recovery. Why? Christmas represents the spirit of giving and community.banks shoes wellington junckers mat lak saucony peregrine 8 gtx trailschuh lederhandschuhe fetisch bergschuhe kategorie b

For the retail world, Christmas represents opportunity. The breadth of the festive season (which now runs for a couple of months as far as consumers are concerned) is a bonanza for savvy sellers. These days, the focus tends to go towards the eCommerce world — convenient shipping that’s perfect for panic buys doesn’t require dealing with crowds and can continue operating even when lockdown measures are keeping retail stores closed.

As a result, seasonal marketing budgets veer heavily towards the digital marketplace. But we’re already seeing tentative efforts to get brick-and-mortar stores back up and running, and there’s a really solid chance that the first seasonal period in a world bouncing back from a pandemic will see a huge resurgence in interest. So what if you wanted to adopt a hybrid approach?

What if you wanted to do your marketing online but also take advantage of the seasonal hype to do some offline selling? In this piece, we’re going to detail why you should pursue offline sales once lockdown lifts, how you can easily sell offline in that situation, and how you could adjust your marketing to blend your online and offline activities. Let’s get to it.

Tips for pushing offline sales with online marketing

Now that we’ve covered why offline sales matter, and how you can handle the practicalities, let’s get to some key tips for using digital marketing to drive those pop-up shop sales in a post-pandemic retail marketplace:

  • Get active on social media. Social media is going to be a huge component of your activity, so you’ll need to start talking about your offline appearances as early as you can (while remaining in season, of course). Concentrate on the location by searching for people talking about it, then reach out to those people to explain what you’re going to offer and why they should be interested. Additionally, reassure them about the protective measures you’re using: people won’t want to buy from you if they suspect that you don’t disinfect your products before selling them.
  • Promote compelling deals. Because buying online is so easy (and buying in-person will still be somewhat scary when we no longer need to stay at home most of the time), there needs to be a strong reason for someone to make a concerted effort to visit your pop-up shop. The best option is to promote some compelling deals. You could sell an offline-exclusive special edition with limited stock, for instance, or give a major discount (this could be dangerous, but if you’re selling various things and you discount 1, it should be fine.
  • Offer incentives for UGC. UGC, or user-generated content, is fantastic for organically driving interest in your pop-up shop. If someone posts a selfie at your shop and expresses positive sentiments (being careful to note your safety measures), it can push their followers to visit as well. You’ll need incentives, though. You could offer an extra discount for everyone who posts such a photo, or enter everyone posting about your shop into a prize draw of some kind.
  • Get PPC ad impressions. PPC advertising is consistently effective, extremely configurable, and rapidly deployable, so it’s perfect for this type of thing. The key is to focus on impressions instead of clicks. Target people who live in or near the area (or areas) you’ll be appearing in (particularly since many shoppers will be reluctant to travel too far from their homes to shop), and get your message across as clearly as you can. If it helps for one shop, try increasing the budget for the next one to see how that works.

While the bulk of your seasonal retail attention will inevitably go towards online sales, particularly in a world ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, you stand to benefit significantly from working offline retail into the mix if you’re ready to wait until traditional retail starts to reopen and choose the perfect time to attempt it. Consider setting up a mobile POS system and taking to some notable locations to sell in person, and use the above tips to bring relevant shoppers in through your online marketing.