Digital Marketing, Post-COVID-19. Lead The Charge.

Written by Ian B Nathan

How do you want to stand out?

What hasn’t been said about the year 2020; it’s been a torrid and challenging year for businesses. At Soar360, we’re no different. The re-imagination of our brand needed strong resolve, patience and perseverance to come to life. Throughout the year however, there’s been a single constant that’s played a part in our many ideas; time.

Like many of you, I’ve have spent more than my fair share of time figuring out plans and strategies, deciding how digital marketing will/should work in a post-COVID-19 economic landscape. One point we are definitely sure of, we want creativity to be key.

Like in the year 2000; everything is moving online.

Well, maybe not everything. Although it would be nice to have someone do your grocery shopping for you and have it delivered right into your kitchen steps. Wait.. 

What would it look like if 100% of businesses move online? If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from this pandemic, is that our fragile structure of ‘normal life’ is unnecessarily rigid. I’ve seen a number of traditional brick and mortar stores shut its doors for good. Obviously it’s a difficult prospect to get customers to your store when they can’t leave their own homes. 

Most businesses in this position would ask themselves if it’s the right time to curb their marketing expenditure. I think the opposite is true! Usually in times of trouble there comes a need to streamline operations and effectively plan audience engagement. I believe that silencing yourself is effectively silencing the beauty of your work (putting your business under ice isn’t an effective marketing strategy!). How, then, should you shift your digital marketing focus to capture your online audience?

Compete with the best.

There’s no getting around it, almost all businesses are contending in the same market space. Competition will always be present and it’s seldom a bad thing! I believe that it isn’t enough to merely step up to the plate; businesses need to stand out, especially with their digital voice. 

There are an abundance of digital marketing strategies that can be tailored to suit your needs. Building a network on social media platforms, establishing strong Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies and planning a well-crafted approach to content creation are some that can easily set you apart from your competitors. Although these same tools are often used, there’s nothing that says you need to abide by the rules.

In a post-pandemic landscape, these simple strategies will be amplified. Every measure taken will undoubtedly be compared to others. Therefore, my advice is to refresh; put a fresh look on for the new season.

Don’t be afraid of leading the charge.

COVID-19 might be here to stay, but that’s no reason play catchup to your direct competitors. I’d prefer to get on the front foot with your digital marketing strategies to bring your unique vision to life.

Soar360 focuses on creativity (we enjoy the challenge). Our goal is to work creatively with our clients to be different, and to contribute to their success (and ultimately, ours). 

Tell us your story. We’d love to get in touch. It’s ian@soar360.com.au.