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7 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Brand
4 April 2022

First off, a personal brand isn’t just a logo, font, colour palette or your useless “vision board." Your personal brand is what you show (and tell) your audience about who you are and how your audience perceives you.

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Keeping up in the marketplace

COVID-19: 4 Trends in Start-ups and Small & Medium Business.
19 August 2020

Social distancing and lockdowns have resulted in a lot of businesses scrambling for strategies to sustain themselves. In times of trouble, we are fortunate to see small businesses regroup and refocus, fighting this crisis head on.

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Managing Remote Teams: Plan Early With These 3 Steps.
29 July 2020

It is challenging for businesses to transition abruptly to a remote working environment. In saying that, it is highly necessary for managers to be well prepared in order to minimise the disruption to performance. These 3 simple steps make early planning a recipe for success.

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Working From Home: 4 Ways to Increase Productivity.
22 July 2020

While working from home sounds like a dream come true for many of us, it can be difficult to transition into an entirely different work environment. We're here to help you increase productivity while staying mentally healthy.

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