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7 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Brand
4 April 2022

First off, a personal brand isn’t just a logo, font, colour palette or your useless “vision board." Your personal brand is what you show (and tell) your audience about who you are and how your audience perceives you.

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Keeping up in the marketplace

How can digital marketing benefit your business?
30 December 2020

Written by: Kushva Sekaran Are you exploring digital marketing strategies to grow your business? We live in a society where consumer preferences are getting more challenging to predict. Marketers need to work harder to impress their customers. Customers are more interested in unique contents instead of generic marketing contents. We at Soar360 believe that it...

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3 Steps to Start a Business, Post-pandemic.
9 December 2020

Written by Kushva Sekaran Planning to start a business? Don’t let the pandemic put your dreams on hold. There are many ways you can start a business post COVID-19.   Starting a business involves several steps like planning, making financial decisions and completing legal procedures. To top that off, the pandemic has caused many new business...

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Sustainability! What does that mean for Victoria?
2 December 2020

By Kushva Sekaran Do you want to be part of Victoria’s journey towards a healthier and sustainable life? There are several basic things that we should already be doing which include: ·  Choosing clean energy ·  Installing insulation ·  Drive less or switch to electric cars ·  Conserve water  ·  And start making the change...

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Soar360 on Electric Cars. What’s Your Business Strategy?
25 November 2020

By Kushva Sekaran Are you ready for 2021?  Since the uplift of the lockdown in Melbourne, many business owners have been struggling to sustain their operations. Like most, you could also be struggling to start a business in this strained market.  Not to worry, you have Soar360, your Business Solutions Partner. We help you identify...

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COVID-19: Economic Challenges and The Aftermath.
2 September 2020

The economic challenges and threats posed by the Covid-19 pandemic are unprecedented. While we continue to learn more about its impact, this article breaks down some of the challenges and threats facing the global marketplace.

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COVID-19: 3 Easy Steps For Business Growth During A Crisis
26 August 2020

Drastic times don't always call for drastic measures. Most often, it just takes a different view to find the right solutions. This article analyses how businesses of all sizes can survive in the current economic climate by adopting new business growth strategies to optimise their existing operations.

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